We appreciate your interest in submitting your script or audio-visual project concept to Braham Entertainment LLC; however, we have a firm policy against accepting unsolicited scripts or literary, dramatic or other audio-visual project concepts for consideration. You should also be aware that Braham Entertainment is actively developing and producing its own digital, television, motion picture and other audio-visual projects, some of which may be similar to the scripts and project concepts you desire to submit. As a matter of policy and rights security, Braham Entertainment only accepts submissions of scripts and literary, dramatic, or other audio-visual project concepts from franchised literary agencies and content producers with whom Braham Entertainment has specifically solicited and regularly conducts business. Accordingly, we must reject all script and audio-visual project concept submissions that are unsolicited and/or are not received from the entities referenced above. Furthermore, we request that you do not send any correspondence relating to your script(s) or audio-visual project concept(s) or any other screenplay(s) and/or literary material(s) to anyone who works for Braham Entertainment unless such material has been specifically solicited, in writing, by that individual. Notwithstanding the above, we encourage you to seek out representation from a franchised literary agency or content producer that has an existing relationship with Braham Entertainment, if you have interest in submitting scripts or audio-visual project concepts for our consideration. Our goal is to establish meaningful relationships with content creators and producers to further Braham Entertainment's mission of delivering quality and authentic multi-cultural programming to our customers.